WELCOME to VIRGIN VALLEY OPAL MINES....   Located on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge near Denio in northwestern Nevada, Virgin Valley is home of America's most famous precious opal deposits that produce the world's brightest Black, Crystal, Fire, and other opal types.  Opals were discovered here in 1905 and opal mining predates the Wildlife Refuge.  There are 3  pay-to-dig (fee dig) sites open to the public in the valley where you can mine and dig for your own opals!  Occasionally a good opal mine or claim is for sale and this website is dedicated solely to Virgin Valley Opal: the mines, the history, the opals, and everything related to Virgin Valley Opals and the Mining District.  Visit Virgin Valley and dig for your own opal today!  The opal fee dig mines generally open in late May and close in September/October.  The Royal Peacock Mine is the overall favorite mine in the valley (with both bank and tailings digging) and has a pay campground with amenities.  The Sheldon Refuge offers many recreational opportunities for the visitor.
2018 find @ Royal Peacock
Large colorful Virgin Valley Opals
Virgin Valley Crystal Opal
Turn here @ Virgin Valley Opal Mines
Virgin Valley Black Opal Gem
handful of Virgin Valley Black Opals
Virgin Valley Opal from Nevada
Beautiful Virgin Valley sunset
Roebling Opal Virgin Valley Nevada Smithsonian Inst.
Virgin Valley Nevada Opal wet domes
Double Rainbow at Virgin Valley NV
Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal
Virgin Valley Opal
Virgin Valley precious Black Opal
Contra Luz Opal from Virgin Valley
Jar of Opals dugs in Virgin Valley
Precious Crystal Opal Virgin Valley
Black Fire Opal Virgin Valley Nevada
Black Fire Opal Virgin Valley NV

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An early opal dig in 1913 at Rainbow
Flora Haines Loughead ca.1879
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The Stone Tree Petrified Log
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Roebling Opal Virgin Valley Nevada Smithsonian Inst.
Virgin Valley Nevada Black Fire Opal
Black Beauty Opals
Stonetree Black Opals
Root beer opal Virgin Valley
Root Beer Opal Virgin Valley
The Green Ghost Opal
Precious Jelly Crystal Opal Nevada
Digging Virgin Valley Opal
Virgin Valley Campground hot spring
Virgin Valley Campground
Parked at Dominion Opal Mine
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