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WHERE CAN I DIG FOR MY OWN OPALS AND GEMS?   VIRGIN VALLEY, NEVADA !  There are 3 safe MSHA registered opal mines open to the public for fee digging where you can dig for YOUR OWN OPALS!  These mines have produced the brightest, most  colorful opals on the planet and some of the largest opals ever found came from Virgin Valley.  Scroll down the page to see what each mine has to offer, a video of each mine, photos of their opals,  and for their info and links to their websites where you can learn more.  Plan your visit to Virgin Valley's famous opal mines today and try your luck!

This page is not managed by any of the fee dig mines and is provided as a courtesy.  Please always call or contact each mine for their most current info.


The Royal Peacock Opal Mine has both Bank (unsearched Wall) and Tailings digging and also has a pay campground, cabins, & small shop near the mine.  More details can be seen on their website:



The Bonanza Opal Mine has tailings digging only. More details can be seen on their website:



The Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine has both Fresh Dozer loads/scoops (unsearched and taken directly from the mine pit to you) as well as Tailings digging. More details can be seen on their website:


READ THIS!!!    ONLY THE 3 MSHA registered and safety-inspected Fee Digs Listed above are legitimate and valid legal pay to dig mines!! Any other fee digs or tours in the valley without Federal Permits and Insurance and MSHA safety registration/compliance are scams to make money off you ILLEGALLY!  


        You need to know about some unauthorized and illegal use of federal lands. This affects all rockhounds and miners because these types of violations are the reason why new rules are made and why areas get closed to rockhounding, collecting and mining, and why the government keeps coming down hard on legitimate miners. The ONLY legitimate opal mine fee digs (pay to dig sites) in Virgin Valley Nevada are the 3 famous patented mines: RAINBOW RIDGE, ROYAL PEACOCK, and BONANZA Opal mines which are inspected by and registered with MSHA for safety compliance.   There are a number of other "fee dig" "test dig" or "claim showing" sites flying under the federal radar which are ILLEGAL USE OF PUBLIC LANDS. These operations do not have special permits to operate these digs nor the insurance required to do so.  These are SCAMS to make money off you ILLEGALLY! IF you want to dig for opals in Virgin Valley, please go to one of the 3 patented mines listed above in bold with clickable links underlined.  These 3 mines are registered and ACTIVE with MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Admin) and follow the regulations with regular compliance checks.  

        One individual in the Denio/Virgin Valley area (..) who sells illegal mining tours, digs and showings, as well as guiding on BLM lands without a federal permit or insurance) hates us for exposing the truth and his scams at making money off you illegally. If it sounds "FISHY" it probably is. With the exception of the patented fee digs in Virgin Valley (Rainbow Ridge, Royal Peacock, Bonanza Mines)IT IS ILLEGAL FOR ANYONE TO CHARGE YOU A FEE ON BLM / USFWS lands without MSHA registration & compliance, plus a permit and insurance!!! ASK TO SEE THE PERMIT AND INSURANCE OF ANYONE DOING THIS! IF THEY CAN'T PROVIDE IT, REPORT THEM TO: (1) BLM Nevada State Office in Reno, (2) US Fish & Wildlife Service in Lakeview, Oregon; (3) National BLM office in Washington DC, and (4) MSHA in Elko NV!!! Nobody should charge a "fee" to show you, or to test dig a claim, or to "answer your questions" about a claim you are interested in buying. Thats BS!. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money, anyone selling a claim should SHOW AND PROVE IT TO YOU at no charge, and then you can decide to buy or not to buy at that point. A $200.- per day fee to "answer questions" or give you a "tour" or "claims showing" is unreasonable to cover the simple expenses of gas and time, not to mention the fact that in such a scenario you are simply paying to see something you're already interested in buying. When you go into a store, do you pay to look at something before you buy it, and then pay for the item too? That's highly unreasonable and unethical. Paying someone for a meal and a quarter tank of gas to go there and back might be reasonable, but $200.- is NOT reasonable. It's also AGAINST THE LAW to charge a fee on federal public lands, so you'd be paying someone to take advantage of you and make money off you illegally. I shouldn't have to say this but this activity really rubs me the wrong way, especially when the main person doing it has been digging on and stealing from my father's claims! Yes, this means you MR SMELLS FISHY). First and most importantly.....there is only one reason a citizen can stake and hold a mining claim and that is for mining purposes only! No matter how it's laid out, charging a fee to dig or be present for lessons etc., of any kind on a mining claim clearly is not a valid mining activity. Mining is a profit business venture to extract something from the earth.... not other people! Claims have been invalidated/voided for charging a fee to dig or prospect, and this has been upheld by the IBLA. You also need to beware of the individual doing this. In the past he has attempted and/or extorted and blackmailed individuals. If he gets mad at you, he will publicly call you all sorts of names and accuse you of everything under the sun, when in reality it is HIM who has actually done these things, he just uses smoke and mirrors to shift the blame and he has become quite good at the tactic. However, we are shining a light into his actions so that everyone can see them.  Please know that Virgin Valley is SAFE for you to visit.  There is a Ranger who lives in the Valley and the Sheriff can be called out for any problems.  The current "dispute" is between THE FISHY MAN and CW.  It does NOT involve any of the other mines or fee digs in Virgin Valley.



VIRGIN VALLEY OPAL NEVADA OPAL MINES, home of the world-famous Nevada Black Fire Opal and source of the world's finest opal specimens and collector opal gems.  Several mines are open to rockhounds for fee digging of  precious black, crystal, fire, and other opal types. Opal Gem Mines & Mining Claims for sale.  Links to the Royal Peacock, Rainbow Ridge and Bonanza Opal Mines Fee Digs with information on the Virgin Valley Opal and Mines.  Information about the other mines including Kokopelli Opal Mine and John Church Swordfish Mining Virgin Valley Opal.

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