LEGAL UPDATES on the situation between Hodson and Wentzell in Virgin Valley Nevada Opal Mines

  • Titanium claim Challenge filed w/ BLM Feb 19th 2020 @ 8AM Reno NV - Pending  (this is the house/property next to the Virgin Valley Campground) (See PDF of Chris Wentzell's contest filed against Glen Hodson below).

  • Feb 19th 1:00 PM The State & Hodson made a "Sneak Attack" against Wentzell at Williams Hearing and entered Restraining orders.  They are being fully complied with but I am challenging their unlawfulness.  FACTS HERE.


  • UPDATES WILL OCCUR HERE ON THIS PAGE ON 4/1/2020 to update legal status.

  • Christopher Wentzell vs Glen Hodson re: Rainbow Ridge Mine & Titanium claim LAWSUIT TO BE FILED and a new website detailing everything is being constructed.  An appeal is being pursued on the KNOWN LODE claims to Washington Dc.

  • THIS PAGE IS MANAGED SOLELY BY CHRIS WENTZELL.  WILLIAM has no control or responsibility for this page.  CHRISTOPHER WENTZELL assumes all responsibility for information contained on THIS page (LEGAL UPDATES PAGE).



Some background is necessary so this will become my blog about this ordeal.  Protected by the FIRST AMENDMENT, notice of which is hereby given to the State of Nevada and Humboldt County.  We ( Chris and William) visited Virgin Valley in September 2019 to work on my dads claims, stake a few new claims that were being invalidated, and help a friend restake his claims.  This was Will's first visit to Virgin Valley.  Will wandered from camp one night Sept 18 and could not find his way back and was lost for a couple days, sleeping in gullies and trying to drink rain water out of rocks and tracks in the road.  Will wandered to a road which he followed and then found an old building and entered it to take shelter from the cold.  He took an old curtain from the house to wrap himself in to get warm, and put up his socks as an SOS signal.  This happened to be the old Hodson house adjacent to the Virgin Valley Campground.  This was the night of Sept 19.  Hodson found him there and told him to leave claiming he was trespassing.  William wandered down the road not knowing where he was until he found more buildings and knocked on the door (Ryals at Opal Negra) asking for help.  Ryals told him he was trespassing and he would be shot and to leave.  William asked for him to call the sheriff.  Ryals told him the ranger and campground was back up the road a couple miles.  William wandered back up the road, eventually being found by the Sheriff.  Hodson complained and had him arrested for trespassing etc.   Chris was on his dads claims with Bob and others at the time and could not get out of the claims due to the rain and mud.  Chris finally got out of the claims on Sept 20 late morning or early afternoon and went looking for Will.  Finding the campground hosts he inquired about Will, hearing that he had been arrested.  Chris then called home and confirmed Will had called from the jail.  My account of what really happened was posted on facebook without naming names and you can see it  further below on this page..  WE HAVE WITNESSES.  Chris then went into the valley to stake claims incl the Opal Queen and others.  Learning that Hodson made false allegations of trespass and knowing there would never be peace in the valley Chris then decided to prove everything he has been saying for decades, and staked over a number of invalid claims including Hodson's claim at the campground and Rainbow Ridge for known lodes that did NOT pass with the placer patent per 30 USC 37.   Hodson has exaggerated the situation well beyond justification in an attempt to keep Chris Wentzell from Virgin Valley and from proving the legal rights and issues.  Hodson obtained a restraining order based on exaggerations on Feb 19 against Chris and Will.   AN INNOCENT MISTAKE TURNED INTO BS BY HODSON AND HUMBOLDT COUNTY.   The restraining or protection orders are being fully complied with and I am challenging mine in court at the next hearing in late March.  I can only conclude that the Court does not know the whole truth and facts because I don't want to believe the system is that corrupt, yet at the same time, I have to go by how things happen.    


re motion.  re restraining order and hearing.  

IBLA appeal from BLM decision has been or is being filed on the voiding of the KNOWN LODE claims at Rainbow Ridge under dispute.  Because of this error, this drama will likely get dragged out for years instead of being litigated in court within one year.  Now I have to wait for a ruling on the appeal from BLM to IBLA before I can litigate the issues with Hodson.  

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