We can evaluate or appraise your Virgin Valley Opals from Nevada

We will need to see photos of the cut or rough opal with weight and measurements, and know whether it is wet or dry.  We can appraise both rough specimens, dry cutting rough, wet specimens, dry specimens, and everything else from the Valley including conk, wood-opal and opalized wood combination specimens and gems.  There are a number  of factors involved.  We can appraise in person at Watertown South Dakota and/or when we are at the mines in Virgin Valley, Nevada, and for important pieces that you are selling we can either travel to you or accept pieces on consignment via registered insured mail.  CONTACT US for more details. Please note that it is difficult to assess a stone accurately only via a photograph so we may request video in different lighting conditions including natural daylight and only stones appraised in person can be certified by us.  Qualifications?  We are EXPERTS on Virgin Valley Nevada Opals and have been mining opal in Nevada for decades and collecting opals for even longer.  We have seen most of the private collections in the USA as well as museum collections across the country and in Europe, so we have the best knowledge out of anyone out there!  Our evaluations have helped several prominent collectors as well as one major auction house.  With our large number of connections, collectors, and dealers, we can also accept and sell your opals on consignment and get you the best price and value for your Virgin Valley opal if you should need or decide to sell.  A signed contract would be needed. On-site appraisals in Virgin Valley are not available until summer 2019 as we will be obtaining state, federal and local permits & licenses.  Thanks!

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We also Buy VIRGIN VALLEY OPAL.  Sell Your WET Virgin Valley BLACK Opal to us.

We are also looking to buy large WET black opals from VIRGIN VALLEY only.  Please CONTACT US FIRST if you want to sell your WET black opal from Nevada.  We are looking for LARGE pieces still kept in water or liquid.  We can pay cash or sell on consignment for you depending on the piece.

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