3/3/21:  The Opal Queen #2-M claim is SOLD to N.D.

3/6/21:  The Opal Queen #1 claim is AVAILABLE.

Make an offer.  I want to sell and leave the valley......

full 100%  ownership of THE UPPER OPAL QUEEN MINE, VIRGIN VALLEY, NEVADA. This consists of the Opal Queen #1 Lode Mining Claim in Virgin Valley, Humboldt Co., Nevada, an UNpatented 20.66 acre LODE mining claim measuring 1500 x 600 ft., on a world-famous proven deposit. 

  • BLM Legacy NMC#1196685 .
  • BLM MLRS #s: NV101853987.
  • online BLM Case #s c4259868. 

You can VERIFY this claim with the BLM yourself.  Link to the claim registration is provided in the link below on the BLM MLRS database:


Total of 20.66 acres. This deposit was the FIRST location made in Virgin Valley about 1905-1908. The northern side borders/adjoins the patented Bonanza Opal Mine while the southern half adjoins the existing southern opal queen mine deposit. That's right, you are right up against the Bonanza border where some big opals were found in their main pit. Also many assessment and discovery pits, close to dirt access road. You couldn't get a better location in the valley today! THIS IS ONE OF THE TWO BEST claims i have yet acquired in the valley. I was lucky to acquire these claims and staked them as soon as I discovered they were defaulted in September 2019. Contrary to what Church or others say, I PERSONALLY STAKED THE CLAIM ON THE GROUND WHILE I WAS IN THE VALLEY NO MATTER WHAT THEY TRY TO SAY. I WAS THERE, I DID NOT "paper file" FROM STATES AWAY!!!  I POSTED THE GROUND MYSELF.  I WILL SWEAR THIS UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY IN ANY COURT AND WILL NOTARIZE IT AS WELL IF THE BUYER WANTS THAT ASSURANCE. The prior owner tried to jump the claims after I had located them, but those claimjumped junior claims made a couple weeks AFTER ME have no rights as it is a matter of priority instead of lode vs placer.  That is per NRS 517.190 and the claim was located ON THE GROUND and recorded before they claimjumped, so they have NO legal way of winning the claim whatsoever.   BLM checked land status which is reflected in the LR2000 reports. I am the SENIOR claimant on the ground. This is a HISTORIC claim and something like this almost never becomes available to the public. I originally listed these at $325k, then $125k, and even dropped the price as low as $18k due to covid.  I did just sell the adjoining Opal Queen#2-M claim so it is NOT part of this listing.  The price for full ownership of OPAL QUEEN#1 LODE is now $17.5k which is almost a steal price (keep in mind, the Opal Negra is asking $200k for the Opal Negra claim with tons of overburden, and Walt is selling the claims bordering the fee dig at Peacock for $125k, so i think my price is VERY reasonable). I have a few other claims in the valley and am making this available due to recent financial needs, but if it doesn't sell I will be happy to keep and mine it eventually. I might even open my own fee dig here if it doesn't sell. This claim has a value of at least $125k in my opinion, look at the opal layer and proximity to Bonanza!  The Opal Queen Group was operated as a fee dig for a short number of years by prior owner/s. There is very bright opal here resembling Bonanza, some in large pieces. All types (white, crystal, black) have been found on the claims. There is a lot of petrified wood up here in addition that is found as a by-product of mining opal. Sometimes opal is found in the wood. The Opal Queen Group was surveyed by the govt in 1970s and that survey was published in 1984 (see photos). More recent mining since then has further defined the deposit and made tracing the layer easier. Once you find the opal zone you just follow it, it is a lead. This claim, when fully dug into and developed, is going to become a MAJOR producer (bordering the Bonanza Mine main pit just over the boundary line on the same formation and trend).  I have also provided an aerial photo with the projected boundaries outlined so you can see everything you would be getting with this claim. PROVEN OPAL on this claim. The Opal Queen #1 is right up against the Bonanza Mine where the large open pit is. There is substantial overburden on this side, but there is also substantial opal here. It might be easier to dig in from the Opal Queen side of the hill and shave off the overburden as you get deeper.  TRANSFER WILL BE MADE BY NOTARIZED QUITCLAIM DEED.  I WILL HANDLE THE ENTIRE CLAIM TRANSFER PROCESS AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

I will say that Virgin Valley is full of drama, so you have to be a strong person and keep to yourself out there with the rivalries in the area.  Ask me about details when we talk or email me.  To see examples of various opals from the opal queen properties (not just these 2 claims) you can see the prior owners website/s (clickable links):

Considering Serious offers  and willing to negotiate


Payment can be made by check, cash, certified cashier bank check, or wire transfer to my bank with prior arrangements.  Also Paypal friends/family can be accepted.  



Updated 5/5/2021.... A FAIR WARNING. Virgin Valley is full of drama if you go outside the fee digs or campground. It should be renamed Drama Valley. I am sick of it and for that reason I am selling this last claim I have out there. If you stick to yourself in the Valley you will be ok, but there are a few drama people out there and they want to make it hard on me to be in the valley, so I am selling. Here is your shot at buying my last claim in the valley. They always sell... This is the LAST ONE I WILL EVER HAVE. I am sure they will be happy to see me go and they may even have a party over it. I know I will. I will miss the place even with all the drama, I love the place, and you will too. But Thank goodness you won't have the drama that I have had. I have found a new deposit just discovered outside of the state of Nevada and will be working on that full time....without the drama that this valley has had. I have had so much drama in this valley that I am selling and then done, going to a place I can dig without all the BS from those who have been involved. Good luck to everyone else out there and the new buyer.... Don't let them bully you, don't let them run you off. After 25 years of fighting and drama, I'm done. I'm getting older and want to dig in peace somewhere, without the drama. PS the Virgin valley opal mines website is for sale as well and I will consider a package deal. Alot of money to be made, the website and facebook page has almost 3k followers. 

Opal Queen #1 - LMC, 20 ac, Virgin Valley NV

$35,000.00 Regular Price
$15,000.00Sale Price