This is a large, colorful semi-crystal precious opal from Virgin Valley, Nevada, USA, in a wet display dome.

A FANTASTIC LARGE DISPLAY PIECE FOR YOUR COLLECTION!  Color is strongest on the front side/top with beautiful colorplay, grading into a semicrystal jelly to white.  Really shows the limb cast of the wood on the front side with the color.   Large pieces like this are hard to come by.   The piece is shown next to a metal ruler in INCHES and it weighs 156.6 grams (equivalent of 780 carats!) moist but not drenched outside the display dome.  Comes with an OLD large glass dome with screw on base for display in water.   When sold, I will wrap the opal in moist wet papertowels sealed inside several baggies within the dome with extra care and wrapping.  I have shipped alot of opals in my time, never had a problem. I think if you were to lightly polish the surface it would have more color screaming out but I didn't want to grind away the wood cast on the front, that decision would be up to the buyer. I WILL REQUIRE SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION UPON DELIVERY AND IT WILL BE INSURED.

Large 780 ct (156 gm) Virgin Valley Opal

$4,750.00 Regular Price
$3,200.00Sale Price
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