Wet Opal Glass Display Domes for displaying your wet opals- great for Virgin Valley Nevada Opal!  We have domes for opals for sale.

DOMES FOR DISPLAYING WET OPALS.  We have glass domes / vials with rubber stopper bases for displaying your wet Opals from Virgin Valley or elsewhere.    2 Medium Sizes and 3 small sizes .  The 3 smaller sizes (up to 1 inch diameter) can be custom fit lengthwise from 1-6 inches for your opal/s.  We have domes for opal for sale.  These domes are great for any display of opals, including Virgin Valley Nevada Opals, Ethiopian opals, and Mexican opals, that would otherwise dry out and crack if not kept in water.  Display your beautiful opals with these domes!

domes for opals for sale
opal domes for sale to keep opals wet
domes for opals
domes for displaying opals for sale
domes for nevada opals
domes for opals for sale
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